This is our MF-GUFO circular LED plant grow light, offered in two different models, one of 90w and the other of 140W. The plant grow light features a fashionable appearance, as well as a logical design of its radiator, heat emission hole and built-in fan.

This is our MF-L series high power LED flood light with symmetrical lens available between 25°, 60°, 90°, and 110°, and asymmetrical lens available for 130°x60°. It has a power of 230W. Its U bracket installed on the rear part of the LED flood light allows a 180° rotation, and each unit can be individually rotated by 90°.

The MF-UFO industrial LED high bay light is an integrated light. It introduces an aluminum die-cast radiator, which features a separate structure with power supply, so the heat generated by the power supply will not be transferred to the chip. By doing so, the LED is protected for a longer service life.

Our waterproof recessed ceiling light of MF-F or E series enjoys an IP65 waterproof rating, so it may be applied in squares, parks, or other semi-outdoor places. Lights in these two series are made of die-cast aluminum and designed with an integrated structure.