LED Plant Grow Light

MF-GUFO Circular LED Plant Grow Light
This is our MF-GUFO circular LED plant grow light, offered in two different models, one of 90w and the other of 140W. The plant grow light features a fashionable appearance, as well as a logical design of its radiator, heat emission hole and built-in fan.
Please allow me to show you how our MF-GUFO circular LED plant grow light works. After plugging in the power cord and turning on the press button, the plant grow light, with a power of 140W, will start to work, which gives out special optical waves to accelerate plant growth and blooming. When the light is activated, a built-in fan will start operating as well, allowing thermal dissipation from heat emission holes, in order to guarantee the working temperature of our lighting chips and the relatively long service life of our lighting fixture.
The plant grow light also enjoys easy installation: three hooks are installed on this lamp, so as soon as you connect the roping, the lights can be hung in any location the customer desires.

MF-GB Linear LED Grow Light
Our MF-GB linear LED grow light is made of a stretched aluminum profile, allowing for an efficient heat dissipation. Our patented lenses are introduced, giving a unique optical wave, which helps to accelerate plant growth. The power cord may be directly plugged into the supply hub, allowing easy operation. The linear LED grow light has two installation methods, one with roping and the other with hooks.

MF-3GA LED Plant Grow Light

MF-GP Square LED Plant Grow Light